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Computer-Obaachan-No-Kai(Computer Grandma's Group) is a volunteer established in March of 1997.
 Our mission is to provide senior people opportunities to enjoy quality of life through maintaining various social contacts by mastering computer operations and accessing the Internet.

Headquartered in Tokyo, we now have about 200 members and 20 supporters registered throughout the country.
 Although we employ the word, "grandma", in our name, doors are also widely open to "grandpas". So, about 40 percent of our members are male.
To realize our goal,we frequently conduct computer learning seminars with the help of our volunteer supporters. OA hardware adventure tour  is one of our activities, which includes visits to computer shop to get information on the latest hardware developments as well as software.

In  Jijibaba mailing square we provide our members all day access to it, so that we can enjoy chats with others who have long years of rich experiences in many fields of the social world. A Go-game lesson is also provided for beginners in this square.
Now,we are very pleased to announce that the number of communications between our members and the Japanese seniors living overseas are increasing day by day.  Thanks to various mass media, both domestic and foreign, for their reporting on our activities.  We look forward to welcoming more Japanese seniors to our group.

Kayoko Ohkawa

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